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Outward Bound

Outward Bound was created in 1962 to help people find their potential through challenge and adventure. Outward Bound is helping Taranaki young people learn lessons for life.
“The Maunga course supports 14 young people from Taranaki secondary schools to attend a 21-day course at our school in Anakiwa. These students are selected by their teacher based on the criteria that this is a young person who has shown commitment to their school and community and is likely to give back,” said Karla Paotonu, Fundraising & Partnerships Manager.
The organisation has had many challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. “We’ve had the challenge of operating under different guidelines to ensure we can deliver courses in a way that is safe. It has been financially challenging. If you’re not running a full school, you’re not able to be fully funded and fully supported," Karla said.

A grant of $20k from Toi Foundation contributed towards the cost of the Outward Bound Maunga course.
“The Maunga course costs $63k to run. We were delighted that the Toi Foundation saw that the work of Outward Bound was aligned with their own kaupapa. We would not be able to provide these opportunities for Taranaki young people without this generous grant.”
“The Taranaki students came to Anakiwa in April and they were a wonderful group of young people who were engaging, mature and supportive. We have had incredible feedback about the life-changing experience of the course,” Karla said.
“This course has made me find my core values and life goals. I was a bit lost in my life before Outward Bound, with no motivation or purpose, but now I know who I am and who I want to be. Thank you for this awesome opportunity,” a 2022 Maunga student said.
Outward Bound celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, along with alumni, whānau and supporters.

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