The Taranaki Secondary Schools’ Sports Association (TSSSA), Te Ropu Hakinakina o Nga Kura Tuarua o Taranaki, provides sports and physical activity opportunities for secondary school students in Taranaki, through the delivery of inter-secondary school sport events and physical activity programmes.
Rebecca Scott, Regional Sports Director, said positive school sport experiences are vital to the development of our young people. “We all know the value of sport and physical activity as a context for learning and student engagement.”
“Our organisation works to achieve equitable opportunities for the 7000 secondary school students in Taranaki, ensure students are getting quality sports and physical activity opportunities and find innovative ways to increase participation for students who are less active.”
“Toi foundation are a natural fit for funding as they have a strong community connection and presence in Taranaki. Their strategy aligns with our organisation's ideas for increasing equitable opportunities for rangatahi.”

With the help of $25,000 in funding from Toi Foundation, TSSSA was able to broaden their range of events and programmes in Taranaki schools in the last year. Over 5000 secondary school students have benefited from the support through attending TSSSA events and participating in school programmes and workshops in 2021. 
“The grant has enabled more secondary school students to participate and compete in sport and physical activity for their school,” Rebecca said.
“We have been able to introduce new initiatives, such as including a TSSSA skateboarding event and providing Ki o Rahi referees and coaches workshops to grow participation and awareness of  Ki o Rahi as a sport.

"Recognising the significant contribution of more than 400 volunteers at our TSSSA events and the respected partnerships with over 30 regional sports organisations and clubs who we work with to run events, is vital for secondary school sport to thrive in the region."

“The funding has also allowed us to advocate for the values that sport and being physically active brings to a young person’s confidence and well-being, not only in a school setting but in general life," Rebecca said.