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Kiwi in the Kaitake Ranges

Kaitake Ranges Conservation Trust is a group of volunteers, working hard to help maintain the biodiversity of the Kaitake Ranges.
Peter Morgan, Chairperson, said the Trust was involved in the release of ten kiwis in March this year.
“The Trust had been involved with the Taranaki Mounga Project and the Department of Conservation in applying for a permit to release kiwis in collaboration with the Taranaki Kiwi Trust. One condition was that the birds must be monitored at regular intervals.”
Toi Foundation provided a grant of $9,600 for the purchase of telemetry equipment, a personal locator beacon and backpacks.
“The birds have all survived. Five of them are sitting on eggs or have hatched eggs in the past few months.”
“We are not allowed to go anywhere near the birds because they are nesting. But we are able to pick up the signals from the transmitter on their legs.”
“Without the telemetry equipment, we would not be able to use the translocation service,” Peter said.
“If this release goes well, we will be getting another ten birds in March. It will be the start of the first kiwi colony on Kaitake in a long time.”

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