Marfell Community School is an urban primary school in New Plymouth. Technology upgrades have given the students access to hybrid digital learning.
"Our school is the hub of Marfell, which is a lower socio-economic community. With an increasing roll, there has been a greater need for access to one to one digital technology," Janet Wilson, Principal, said.

"Our greatest challenge is not having sufficient funding to meet the needs of our children. This is not unique to our school by any stretch of the imagination."
"We applied for a capital grant for our community to upgrade our digital equipment and infrastructure. We wanted to ensure we have appropriate learning devices and supporting technologies that are foundational to our learners participating and connecting,” Janet said.
Funding of $30k from the Toi Foundation meant that Marfell Community School was able to purchase Chromebooks, iPads, general hardware, and large screen televisions to support learning.
"The funding allows us to offer programmes to support the needs of our tamariki that would be overlooked otherwise. The Toi Foundation grant has provided equity for our learners."
"The funding has been the difference between struggling and being able to provide the supports our children need. The whole school has been affected, because being connected online is a journey we are going through together. I think we are competitive with any other school because of it."
“There is a need to keep up with the digital world. We are supporting future-focused learning, in pursuit of genuine digital citizenship, leading to enhanced life outcomes for our tamariki," Janet said.