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New Plymouth BMX

New Plymouth BMX Club is a family-focused BMX club run by its members. The club hosted The North Island Super Open Championships on 4th and 5th December.
“Over 200 riders took part in the event. It also attracted many spectators and supporters from around New Zealand to the region,” said Carolyn Jackson, Treasurer of the Committee.
“We have a new world class track at Bell Block designed by the same organisation that designed the track for the Olympics.”
“When we built the new facility, we were awarded the National Championships. This year, we have been dealing with the challenging times of Covid, so organising has been difficult.”
Toi Foundation provided funding of $10k for equipment hireage, security costs and expenses on the weekend.
“To put on an event of this size, we needed to ensure we had sufficient funds. Toi Foundation has always been a great support to us.”
“It really increases the numbers of people involved in the sport when we hold these types of events,” Carolyn said.

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