Manaiakalani Education Trust is a charitable organisation that supports schools in lower socio-economic and challenged communities. The organisation works with schools around New Zealand for better outcomes for children. 
“We focus on school children, their families and whānau in challenged, stressed and isolated communities. Our challenge is to find out what is going to accelerate the kids’ learning, so we can support teachers to be as effective as possible in their practice,” Jenny Oxley, Chief Executive, said.
“Engaging children through digital learning is a key part of the approach and that means schools need fit for purpose digital learning environments.”

Toi Foundation provided a grant of $197k to establish the Manaiakalani programme in Taranaki. Two full time experts work in schools, alongside teachers, to support their practice.


“The grant has meant we can move quickly to support schools, for example we are supporting schools to upgrade their infrastructure so every school has reliable wireless internet access. We are also working to find affordable solutions for families to get digital devices.”
“What we are doing is rapidly upskilling teachers in the digital age, to become capable and confident in their digital fluency and engage kids more in their learning. Research and evaluation means that success can be measured," Jenny said.
“Around 2000 Taranaki children will have a lasting impact from the programme this year."